foundations of yoga

with Johanna Brown

6 week program  - $120

Next Program: March 18 - April 22

~ Monday 5:30pm

In this series, students can expect to dive into a thorough understanding of the practice of yoga; the postures, how the breath supports the body, healthy alignment, and, to cultivate the means to creating a strong and supple body.

Each week progressing from the previous, by the sixth week, students will have established the building blocks to a well rounded vinyasa sequence, and developed a deeper connection within their body.

This program is broad and suitable to a wide range of yogis. This program could be for you;

  • if you are brand new to yoga

  • if you have not had a regular practice or are returning to yoga after a break

  • if you feel stagnant in your practice or want to better understand the foundations of the postures.


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Cancellations made outside 24hours prior to booking are subject to a $50 non-refundable deposit. There are NO catch up classes provided, your commitment to the mat is your own responsibility for the 6 week period.