Om Sweet Om Milton opened its doors in 2016 as a sanctuary designed to cultivate well-being, connectedness and community. Om is a home away from home where everyone is welcomed and accepted to the practice of yoga, no fancy mats or active wear required. The Om studio is an intimate space that prides itself on small classes, yogic philosophy, traditional practice and one-on-one assists and support. Om’s philosophies, principles and practices view yoga as a holistic approach to life that maintains balance and harmony between body, mind and spirit.

The Studio + Founder 

Om Sweet Om is an intimate studio space tucked away upstairs in the heart of Milton. It’s a homegrown, hand-built and heartfelt studio for students to access tranquillity and awareness to connect with themselves and their yoga practice.The beautiful mural of the lifecycle of the Lotus is a reminder that the yoga practice is a continual, lifelong journey both on and off the mat. Step into our space and instantly arrive at a place to call Om.


Om Sweet Om was founded by studio owner Chantal Pierce in 2016. Chantal believes that Yoga is a lifelong journey to discovering the self through the art of the eight-fold yoga path - a holistic practice and philosophy that guides us towards living skillfully with intention and mindfulness. With training and experience across Ashtanga, Vinyasa, Yin and Pre- and Post-Natal yoga methods, Chantal aims to provide tailored care for every body (and mind) as it progresses along the yogic journey.


I am passionate about teaching others the lessons that the practice has and continues to teach me. It’s a practice that expands off the mat and weaves its way into our everyday lives, teaching us to be patient, compassionate and accepting towards others and ourselves.

~ Chantal ~

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